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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 Episode 1 of Doctor Who series 7 is screening in Edinburgh this August. Is a BBC air date soon to follow? In just a couple of days, Doctor Who will premiere its seventh series on BBC America. A few episode posters have made their way online, which give us a look at what’s ahead for the Doctor and his companions as Season 7 gets underway.Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1  We’ve also included the episode descriptions for the first three of the five episodes set to air this fall, so consider yourselves spoiler warned!

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 First up, we have “Asylum of the Daleks,” which airs this Saturday night (September 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET on BBC America). What’s going on in the Asylum? Anything involving the Daleks is probably going to be a dangerous situation.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 uried in a Guardian profile of this year’s MGEITF (or the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, if you prefer) is an interesting nugget dug out by SFX. Amidst the events of the TV festival, which runs from August 23rd to 25th, a very special screening is set to take place: episode 1 of Doctor Who season 7.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 According to The Guardian, “The Doctor Who showrunner, Moffat, will give a masterclass on BBC1′s Sherlock, along with his co-creator, Mark Gatiss, and the producer, Sue Vertue, and there will be an exclusive preview screening of the first episode of the next series of Doctor Who.”


Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 If you remember, episode 6.8 Let’s Kill Hitler, was previewed last year at the same Edinburgh festival, and screened on BBC just a day afterwards, so following that logic, could episode 7.1 air on UK TV on Saturday the 25th of August? The bank holiday weekend is considerably earlier than the Christmas date previously expected, but we’re sure nobody will complain about that…

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 Parents need to know that this show can seem lighthearted, but underneath The Doctor’s always-cool exterior and his jovial approach to even the direst circumstances are some important moral messages. Selfishness, evil, and the urge to dominate the galaxy are all frowned upon, while honesty, loyalty, and integrity will eventually win out no matter what the odds.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 On the eve of her wedding, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) is given an offer she can’t refuse: join the mysterious Doctor, as he likes to call himself, and set off to discover that there’s far more to the galaxy than the everyday slice of England that she previously called home. The Doctor, as it turns out, is the last of the Time Lords, a race that mastered time travel and then mysteriously died off, leaving only The Doctor to carry on their important work. Now several centuries old, The Doctor’s body must periodically regenerate, a neat plot device that lets new actors assume the title role every few years. Matt Smith has become the eleventh Doctor, replacing David Tennant in this long-running sci-fi series

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 Sort of an anti-action-hero, The Doctor uses charm and quick thinking to disarm his foes, rather than guns or fists. This makes his character appealing and ensures that the show is fun for all ages. Many actors have played the good doctor over the years (just as many actresses have played his sidekicks), and the show — in some incarnation or another — has been on and off the small screen since the early 1960s. But the basic concept is still unchanged: An unflappable adventurer goes where he’s needed to prevent an ever-changing rogues’ gallery of interplanetary villains from pursuing their evil agendas.

Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 1 Although many of the plots hint at complicated concepts — especially when you consider the inter-dimensional capabilities of The Doctor’s time machine, the TARDIS (that’s Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, if you must know) — the stories are generally rather simplistic. The interactions between The Doctor and his companions are fun, but sometimes it seems like the female sidekick’s main purpose is to give The Doctor a reason to explain the crisis of the day and then to get in trouble, which provides him with extra motivation to solve said crisis. Hard-core sci-fi fans might not be satisfied, but anyone looking for a basic adventure show with a cosmic theme won’t be disappointed.

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